Theme Weddings
Theme weddings have become one of the most unique ceremonies of the present time. From the decorations menu, and the attire for the wedding party and guests attending, a theme wedding is an event everyone will talk about and remember for years to come. 


The invitations could look like a medieval scroll. Roll a piece of parchment paper into a tube shape and seal it with a wax seal that has both your initials on it, then tie a velvet or satin ribbon on it. You may also use a calligraphy font from your computer if you are making your own invitations. Mention to your guests on the attire you are planning on wearing and mention that it would be appreciated very much if they would participate. Get in touch with your local costume shops for information about rental fees and availability of costumes for your function. Pass this information along to your guests. Make it as easy as possible for your guests to participate.

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