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Long, long ago, in a far away land, there lived a distinguished ghost they called “Audrey.” The year was nineteen hundred and eighty-four, and the land was cold limestone, the fair city of Kingston, Ontario. Audrey decided that she loved Halloween soooooo much, that she would rent and sell Halloween costumes from her castle, so that all of her friends could help celebrate Halloween!
The ghost Audrey was soooooo successful that many fine theatres within the Eastern Ontario market used her wonderful costumes. Audrey’s daughter, phantom Tracey Kaye, soon joined her mother at the castle. Tracey really knew how to sew up a storm, and was able to created fabulous costumes and mascot characters. The only problem with this of course, was that on Halloween night, Audrey couldn’t tell which characters were real and which were Tracey’s costumes!

Within 3 years, Audrey the ghost and phantom daughter Tracey, had to pick up their castle and move it to another location, allowing for an expansion.

Audrey also had a little goblin son, Scott. Scott had always wanted to grow up to be a big scary ghost, so he had worked very hard and graduated from Queen’s University in Commerce. He then decided that being at the castle with all of the enchanting Halloween costumes was just what he wanted to do. Sooooooo, in the year nineteen hundred and ninety-two, Audrey “gave up the ghost” (she’s not dead yet) and the castle was newly haunted by Scott and Tracey.

Goblin Scott and Phantom Tracey continued haunting the Costume Castle. In nineteen hundred and ninety-three, Audrey’s Costume Castle opened its first temporary Halloween location in Brockville Ontario. The test location opened up just for Halloween and as a result, legions of spirits in the Brockville area were able to celebrate Halloween in gory style!

One year later, Phantom Tracey decided she wanted to haunt her own castle and opened a Costume Castle in Ottawa.

Because of the previous success with the temporary store in Brockville, the year nineteen hundred and ninety-seven brought about the conception of Monster Halloween Outlets…temporary Halloween Mega Stores! Goblin Scott loved the idea of Monster Halloween Outlets and decided that he would try his wings in the Toronto area. Things went sooooooo well, that this year Scott is opening 8 stores in the Toronto, Kingston and Ottawa areas!…all to help celebrate Halloween!

To find the nearest Monster Halloween Outlet or an Audrey’s Costume Castle, check out our page for locations. (link) You can also contact any “goblin or phantom” by email (link) or call 1-800-costume.

P.S. Ever since Audrey “gave up the ghost” in 1992, she has been known to resurrect gracefully just prior to Halloween!

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